The Prevention and Management of COVID-19
The Prevention and Management of COVID-19
1万+ 人选课
开课时间2024/01/26 - 2024/07/25
课程周期26 周

COVID-19 is one of the biggest international public health emergency events this century, which challenges our daily life and social stability owing to its spreading to more than 200 countries and areas globally. By learning the course: The Prevention and Management of COVID-19,learners will immerse the cutting-edge information and knowledge in the course. The course is delivered by Chinese medical professionals and experts who have been confronting COVID-19 both in clinic and scientific fields, and their experiences and presentations make the course much more authentic, practical and invaluable. Moreover, the course also includes personal protection techniques and equipment for healthcare staff to maximally reduce the transmission and infection.

Chapter 1 Overview of COVID-19
Chapter 2 Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19
Chapter 3 Prevention and Control Measures of COVID-19
Chapter 4 Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Chapter 5 Humanistic Care for Prevention and Control of COVID-19
Chapter 6 Research Updating and Enlightenment of COVID-19